The average cost of manufacturing a glass bottle mold, is 50,000 EURO.
The average time to manufacture a glass bottle mold, is 8 weeks.
Thousands of new glass bottle molds are being manufactured each year.

Bottle prototyping:

Nowadays, most bottle prototypes are manufactured either by the CNC process – as a solid, not hollow bottle, or alternatively, by plastic 3D printing.

The advantages of producing a 3D Printed glass bottle:

  • Manufacturing of complex shapes that cannot be produced by the CNC process during the prototype stage.
  • Being able to feel the weight and flexibility/stiffness of the actual material.
  • The glass bottle prototype can be tested with corrosive materials that most plastic materials cannot withstand.

Printing of limited editions:

As the production of the glass bottle mold is so costly and time consuming, it may not be practical to produce a mold for the manufacturing of only a few hundred bottles.

Glass Bottle2