The MICRON3DP team is made of multidisciplinary, technology-minded members with extensive backgrounds in additive manufacturing processes.


Arik Bracha, CEO

Arik Bracha

Arik has over 25 years of mechanical engineering experience. Arik specializes in the design of multidisciplinary systems such as scanners, plotters, inspection systems and 3D printers.
Arik is the founder and owner of Micron E.M.E. Ltd. A one-stop shop for mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly, from concept, through prototyping up to final production.

Eran Gal-Or, CTO


Eran Gal-or

Industrial Designer, Researcher and Entrepreneur with a passion for inventing new and innovative ways of digital manufacturing technologies. Expert in additive manufacturing (3D printing) of exotic materials. Also has vast experience in design and integration of complex hardware-software systems.